By Thomas Wolosik

Over the past 30 years of photographing weddings of every size, scope, and theme under the sun, I’ve learned a few things.

I’ve learned that every wedding is different. Every event is special. Every moment is worthy of a picture. And every wedding has its own set of unique highlights that are bound to stick with the happy couple, their family, and friends for years to come.

Through all the differences from one wedding to the next, there’s one constant that I see time and time again: a bride’s unwavering beauty.

Brides from every walk of life, no matter their circumstances, truly radiate on their big day. I’m constantly blown away with the inner and outer beauty of the brides I photograph. It’s evident in their nervous smiles, their confident walks, and their sure-footedness while dancing.

Beauty means something different to everyone, but no one can doubt a bride’s beauty on her wedding day.

Fortunately, Strawberry Wedding Photography was recently blessed when three absolutely magnificent brides we worked with were featured in Cosmopolitan!

In the 5 Gorgeous Brides Explain Why They DIdn’t Lose Weight for Their Weddings feature, our brides discuss body acceptance. It’s an important topic in this day and age, when brides all too often focus on extreme weight loss methods to get a “desired” wedding look.

Let’s face it, body acceptance is tough for just about anyone, and when you’re tasked with fitting into *not so standard* sample sizes at the dress store, it’s easy to feel down on yourself.

That’s why we’re so proud of our brides for standing up and telling the world that they truly are beautiful. Not that they have to tell us, because we already know.

Congratulations to our brides. You make the world a more beautiful place.