After spending over 30 years as a photographer, I’ve seen it all. There have been weddings where the bride and groom wanted to perfectly pose for every possible picture and others where the happy couple didn’t want anything to do with formal photos. Sometimes, getting 150 members of an extended family together takes an hour and then, other times, everyone’s efficient and on the same page.

At Strawberry Wedding Photography, we understand that our services aren’t just about providing you with physical pictures. We’re about a lot more than that. In fact, we’re in the business of telling the story of one of the biggest days of your life. It’s an investment that shapes your memories for years and generations to come.

Over the course of your wedding day, your photographer is there every step of the way. From the time you begin getting ready to final goodbyes, the photographer is there to capture the moment with you.

Here are 16 moments your photographer won’t miss.

Getting Ready

Photographs taken during the “getting ready” process are a great “behind-the-scenes” look at the action. When you’re getting your hair and makeup done and your groom-to-be is relaxing before you say “I do!,” these are moments you’ll want to look back on down the road.

Your Dress

They’ll never be a time when your wedding dress is as clean and pressed as it will be right before your wedding. We want to capture the intricacies of your dress in the best light possible.

Bridal Party & Groomsmen

Right after you’re all made up is the perfect time to take formal pictures of the bridal party and groomsmen. Talk with your photographer about whether you want individual pictures or group ones. Remember, it’s your wedding day. You can make the call!

Entire Party

Either right before (if you’re having “first look” pictures done) or directly after the ceremony is the perfect time to take formal portraits of your entire bridal party since everyone is all in one place.

Bride & Groom’s Extended Family

Tell everyone to hold up right after the ceremony to take a family portrait. Better yet, pick a time and let everyone know ahead of time that “at precisely 5:55, family portraits will be taken of both the bride and groom’s extended families”. Easy peasy!

Immediate Family

Grab your parents and siblings for a big picture of your immediate family. Then, spice things up and get both sides together for the first official picture of everyone together. You’re now one, big happy family.

The Newlyweds

You’ll definitely want more than a few pictures of you and your new spouse to hang above the mantel. Give some thought as to your favorite areas at your wedding venue where you’ll want to pose.

School Friends (High School/College)

It may be the first time in a while that all your friends are in one place, especially if you all live far away from one another. Make the most of your time together by taking a picture of your school friends and family. If your alma mater has an alumni magazine, then don’t forget to submit the picture for publishing!

Wedding Details/Special Touches

It’s important to document all those tiny details you spent so much time on. Your photographer will make it a point to take pictures of your programs, signs, cake topper and more.


Don’t forget a picture with your officiant. This pose is a staple for every wedding book.

A Pan of The Ceremony

During the ceremony, your photographer takes dozens of pictures of the action. However, we love to get one pan of the entire scene. After all’s said and done, you’re going to be amazed at just how many people are present in that space!

Exiting Ceremony

One of the best pictures a photographer takes is usually as the bride and groom are walking down the aisle after the ceremony is over. You’ll never forget the way you felt in that moment when you have a picture to document your expressions.

Family & Friends Candids

Since everyone’s dancing, singing and having a good time, chances are some of the best pictures of your entire wedding are the reception candids. A photographer makes sure to do the rounds, capturing everyone from your breakdancing cousin to the crowds that aren’t leaving the bar area.

First Dance

Whether your first dance is romantic or hilariously choreographed, it’s definitely noteworthy.


When a couple’s parents, maid of honor and best man get up to talk, it’s an important and special part of the evening.

Wedding Exit

Some brides choose sparkler exits, while others just head out in a car or even boat. It doesn’t matter what you do, as long as you leave happy and excited for what lies ahead. Don’t worry, your photographer has this last picture covered!

Your wedding day is special for you, your families and guests and your photographer is there to make sure every special moment is documented so that you can look back on the day fondly. Contact us today to talk about your wedding photography options.