Why You Won’t Regret it in the Long Run

It was about a decade ago that photo booths became a “thing.” Before then, brides would occasionally rent a large, heavy booth, but it’s wasn’t common or even relatively affordable.

Today, almost any wedding can feature a photo booth. In fact, they’ve become completely (and easily) portable and even customizable depending on the happy couple’s preferences. Many photographers such as myself find that photo booths are guaranteed to be a hit.

Are photo booths worth the hype? Absolutely!  Here’s why you won’t regret investing in a photo booth at your wedding.

Your Guests Will Love It

It goes without saying, but it’s not just you and your spouse who will get a kick out of a photo booth— your guests will too! A photo booth is a great place for guests to let loose and show their creative side.

It’s the Perfect Opportunity for Candids

Here at Strawberry Wedding Photography, we work with you to turn the most memorable and significant moments of your wedding into emotion-inducing portraits. But weddings aren’t just about capturing those perfectly posed moments, they are also about having good ol’ fashioned fun.

Photo booths help to make the most of what is bound to be one of the most important days of your life. How? They capture the personalities of your guests and the vibe of your party. It’s the perfect way to get candids.

Photo Booths are the Ideal Wedding Favor

While no one is going to mind a bag of Jordan almonds, a beverage coozie, or flower seeds as wedding favors, your guests will definitely appreciate a few snapshots from the photo booth that they take with them after the event.

Photo booth pictures are the ideal wedding favor because guests can keep them forever, showcase it on their fridge, and reminisce about your special day for months and years to come.

Helpful Photo Booth Tips

If you’re ready to jump onto the photo booth wagon, keep these tips in mind to make the most of your rental:

Don’t Skimp on Time

Your guests will be lining up to get a turn in the booth, but the last thing you want is a long wait or, worse yet, a line at the booth when everyone should also be on the dance floor! To be on the safe side, plan on renting a photo booth for at least three to four hours. The longer it’s open, the less your friends and family will have to wait.

Add Props

Props are a great tool to liven up the pictures (and thus, your guests’ personalities). But don’t get too hung up on finding props that match your wedding theme. Instead, consider props that can be both classy and silly, such as a blank chalkboard and an assortment of hats and wigs.

Consider the Backdrop

Work with your photographer to find the perfect backdrop to complement the pictures. You may choose to go with a standard solid or geometric pattern. However, it’s usually possible to create a custom backdrop specific to your event (hint: this is available in our Open Air + package!)

Remember: Guests Want a Copy Too!

Your guests are guaranteed to want a copy of their photo booth pictures, so if you choose a photo booth package that doesn’t include automatic pictures, at the very least, make the upload link available to guests before they leave your wedding.

We love when our client choose the photo booth option because it definitely adds a fun and festive vibe to any wedding. If you’re interested in learning more about Strawberry Wedding Photography’s different photo booth options, take a look at our list of packages or contact us today.