Many brides start out the wedding-planning process with a set budget and a clear picture of what their wedding day will look like. However, budgets often quickly go out the window once the costs start adding up.

We get it! Why wouldn’t you want scallop hors d’oeuvres or a live ceremony musician?

But instead of fretting over the costs, consider some DIY options. When you handle a few key wedding aspects on your own, you ultimately defray costs so that you can spend money where it’s necessary, like photography, the venue, catering, and those extra touches you just have to have.

Don’t get hung up on the numbers. Instead, create a plan to get your hands dirty and tackle some of it yourself. Here are 5 weddings DIYs guaranteed to help save you money.

Making your own wedding decor is one of the easiest ways to save money. Plus, it’s a great way to gain a touch of control during a busy, chaotic time when there’s so much that’s out of your hands.

If you’re going the “shabby chic” route, use glass paint to color mason jars or vases for the centerpieces. Add wraps of burlap mixed with ribbon to add a delicate touch around trees, chairs, and candle holders.

Creating your own tulle bows and wedding poms is also a piece of cake. Do a quick online search and you’ll find a number of great tutorials to help.

Total Savings: $250+

Hair and Makeup

Brides who are comfortable with it can definitely save by either recruiting a friend or family member to do hair and makeup. Or, it may make sense to do it yourself.

Just make sure you practice the entire get-up a time or two before the big day. It’ll allow you to pinpoint the exact style you’re looking for and make alterations so it’s all perfect when it’s “go-time.”

Total Savings: $150+


Surprisingly, getting custom programs printed last-minute can get really expensive. Instead of throwing hundreds of dollars away on paper programs that your guests are likely to toss the minute the ceremony is over, get creative.

Some brides write the “program” information down on chalkboards or decorative posters, which is a really affordable way of informing guests about the ceremony order of events.. Other brides print the information out from their own printers using nice stationary. When it comes to wedding programs, no one will fault you for thinking outside the box.

Total Savings: $100


Wedding cakes vary in prices from expensive (but worth it) to ridiculously expensive. It’s true that baking, in general, isn’t cheap, but if you’re looking to save a penny, reconsider dessert.

You don’t need to go the traditional cake route. Instead, order cupcakes or make them yourself. Pies, homemade candies, candies, and even an ice cream bar are other great options that your guests are bound to love.

Total Savings: $300+


Depending on the venue and caterer you choose, you might be allowed to provide your own liquor, beer, and wine for the wedding, which can save you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars in the long run.

By purchasing the beverages wholesale from a distributor or the state store (depending on your state’s laws), you’re guaranteed to get it all at a fraction of the cost as opposed to paying per drink at the event.

Just make sure you check with your vendors before purchasing case upon case of chardonnay, bourbon, and champagne. Some put a BYOB clause in the contract.

Total Savings: $500+

Every bride and groom must prioritize their budget and, at the end of the day, there will be some areas where you’ll need to improvise a bit. Instead of going the cheap route, consider doing some of it yourself. You’ll love your DIY wedding decor, desserts, and more!