Many couples that work with our team at Strawberry Wedding Photography are torn between different types of wedding venues. We’re lucky in a sense that the tri-state area we work in is full of beautiful wedding venues of every size, shape, and “vibe.” However, sitting down and actually picking a venue from all the options available is hard.

By far, choosing a venue is one of the biggest, most important decisions you have to make during the planning process.

If you’re torn between an indoor and an outdoor wedding venue, you’re not alone. Here are some of the pros and cons of each venue type. Hopefully, this helps you determine the venue that’s right for you.

Outdoor Wedding Venues

Pro: It’s Beautiful

Outdoor weddings are beautiful because they’re happening right in the middle of nature. Decor for outdoor weddings is usually limited to a few simple touches because, most often, the surroundings speak for themselves.  Whether you’re at the beach, a farm, or in the middle of the woods, nature plays a great backdrop in an outdoor wedding.

Con: Weather Isn’t Guaranteed

I’ve seen rain, sleet, snow, and more at outdoor weddings. There have been times when the humidity was out of this world and the sun was sweltering. Did the weather ruin these weddings? Absolutely not! But bad weather can force a change of plans or, at the very least, put a slight damper on the day.

Pro: Perfect for DIYers and Those Who Like Control

Since many outdoor weddings require working with multiple vendors, these weddings are perfect if you’re looking for more control over the main event. By choosing your own caterer, bar service, florist, cake, music and more, you retain complete creative control and can create a uniquely custom event.

Con: Nature

Nature was the first “Pro,” but it’s also a con. Keep in mind that when you’re outside, you run the risk of dealing with all nature’s not-so-fun aspects. Roosters, gnats, mosquitos—they’re all possible when you’re outdoors.

Bottom Line: Getting married outdoors is a wonderful experience. Couples choosing to wed outside usually retain more creative control over the event and are more relaxed about the issues that could potentially arise if nature doesn’t cooperate. If you’re comfortable with the mantra “we’ll deal with it as it happens” then consider an outdoor wedding venue.

Indoor Wedding Venues

Pro: Weatherproof

Remember all those elements we mentioned above? Well, you’re not going to have to worry about them if you’re getting married inside. It could be hailing out and your guests will never know. Not only are indoor weddings weatherproof, they’re also climate controlled meaning that it’s going to be the perfect temperature throughout the event.

Con: Capacity Limitations

Space is definitely something to consider when choosing an indoor wedding venue. If you have 50 people, a large space may not create the intimate feel you’re looking for. Likewise, most venues aren’t capable of holding 300+ people. Before you book, consider the venue’s capacity.

Pro: Often All-Inclusive

Virtually all indoor wedding venues offer all-inclusive packages for the bride and groom. If you’re not interested in picking and choosing vendors and would prefer to just leave all the decision making up to the professionals, this is a great option for you.

Con: Less Choices

With all-inclusiveness comes less in the way of choice. Food, beverage, decor, music, etc. may be limited depending on the venue you choose.

Bottom Line: Indoor weddings are great for couples who prefer a more structured wedding experience. When you marry at an indoor venue, you’re almost guaranteed a beautiful, streamlined event.

No matter which type of wedding venue you choose, know that your day is going to be special. To learn about some of our favorite wedding venues in the area, check out our venue page or contact us.