We’ve all been there. You’re at a wedding and something is going wrong. It doesn’t matter how many safety nets you put into place— sometimes, life just happens.

I’ve seen it all, from ambulance sirens to electrical issues, early October snow to a gnat infestation. And guess what? It’s usually these small hiccups that not only help your guests remember the big day, but also reminisce about it fondly for weeks and years after your wedding.

You can prepare until the cows come home, but there are times when stressful situations arise during a wedding. What matters isn’t necessarily what is happening, but instead, how you react.

Here’s how to make the most of anything and everything that happens on your big day.

Remember Your Role

You put your blood, sweat, and likely even some tears into budgeting and planning your wedding. I know that’s no easy feat! But when the day comes and you’re in the midst of getting your hair done, nails painted, and eyelashes applied, your role is that of the bride.

You aren’t a caterer, an usher, the photographer, or the florist. You are responsible for walking down the aisle and marrying the love of your life. Don’t overburden yourself with tasks that others are responsible for.

If you’re bothered by something, no matter how big or small, ask the wedding planner, coordinator, caterer, or any one of the many professionals on-site to handle it.

To maintain your sanity on the day of your wedding, delegation is key!

Let Go Of What You Can’t Control

I mentioned gnats earlier, but there are so many other elements that are completely out of your control. Weather? It’s out of your hands. Bugs? They happen, especially in the spring and summer. Venue issues? There are employees there to handle it.

If you can’t control it, let it go.

Find Your Support System

Whether it’s your best friend, sister, or mother, recruit someone who doesn’t mind sticking by your side throughout the day to be your “right-hand man.”. This person will act as your support system from sun-up to sundown, running errands, answering phone calls, and even helping you get in and out of your wedding dress.

When a stressful situation arises, lean on your support system to help talk you through the issues and find solutions. So many brides have a day-of coordinator, why not find a day-of therapist and problem solver?

Remember: You Can’t Be Everywhere At Once

There is a lot of pressure on the happy couple to converse with every guest. If you have a crowd of 50 or even 100, that may be reasonable. However, with something like 350 attendees, it’s almost impossible to talk with everyone.

Most guests recognize the pressure that brides and grooms are under and don’t expect you to have a long-winded conversation with them. To help ease the burden and stress of socializing with your guests, ask your support system (see above) for help. Better yet, split the responsibility with your spouse.

I’ve seen brides tell everyone to head to the dance floor to talk and mingle. A simple, “I’m so thankful you’re all here. I’ll be on the dance floor all night, come dance and talk with me” will definitely send the message that you’re appreciative that your guests made the effort to come, but that you also don’t want to miss out on your rockstar band!

Put It All In Perspective

Chances are, you’re wedding will be perfect. Come what may, you’ll be ready for your “happily ever after” at the end of the day—and when push comes to shove, that’s what really matters.

Putting it all in perspective will help you handle anything as it happens. So if you wind up with a hurricane in June,  roosters crowing through your vows or an over-served groomsman, know that it really is “all good!”