There’s no denying that flowers can easily transform a beautiful wedding into a magazine-worthy event. But what happens if your favorite floral variety isn’t available in your wedding month?

Before you start worrying, remember that when it comes to flowers, you definitely have options.

Whether you’re obsessed with the soft, subtle perfection of a pink carnation, or you prefer the bold hues of a red rose, you’re bound to find a wedding flower combination that matches your event’s color scheme AND knocks the socks off your guests at the same time.

Here are some of the most popular and widely available flowers for each season.


Calla Lily: Simple and elegant, calla lilies are one of the most common flowers brides choose for their wedding decor. While most calla lilies are ivory, they actually come in many hues from pink to deep purple.

Peony: Peony flowers are fragrant and plush. They are perfect as your main flower or as an affordable addition to large centerpieces or bridesmaid bouquets.

Star of Bethlehem: This light and airy flower is part of the lily family, but it grows throughout the winter in many regions. These bulbs have 6 striking petals and are relatively small, so they’re a great addition to bouquets.

Rose: A universal symbol of love and devotion, roses are many -a- bride’s go-to wedding flower. Bouquets of red and white roses are a statement piece at any winter wedding.


Anemone: White anemones are becoming a go-to flower for many brides because their soft appearance is contrasted by a bold black center.

Daffodil: If there’s a flower that symbolizes spring, it might very well be the daffodil. Around most of the country, daffodils are one of the first bursts of color after the long, cold spring. Thus, they’re a great addition to any early spring wedding.

Lily of the Valley: Appearing like a string of wedding bells, lily of the valley is a beautiful plant. In a bouquet or centerpiece, these flowers appear to casually cascade. It’s a beautiful sight!

Lilac: If you’re all about purple, then consider adding lilacs to your wedding. Pair lilac with baby’s breath to create a beautiful, natural-looking bridal bouquet.


Dahlia: Dahlias are a mesmerizing flower. Their many, even layers make the ideal statement flower. Dahlias can easily stand alone as your main wedding flower.

Daisy: The pure white petals and sunny yellow center of daisies mix perfectly with other fresh-cut summer flowers.

Sunflower: Sunflowers are one of the most common flowers summer brides choose. Why? They’re plentiful, bold, and make people smile. Nothing says “summer wedding” like sunflowers.


Gladiolus: When fully bloomed, gladiolus are absolutely remarkable. The best part? They come in many colors, so if you’re planning a colorful wedding featuring every color under the rainbow, look to these stunners first.

Hydrangea: The big blooms of the hydrangea plant appear like giant poofs. Hydrangeas come in hues of blue, pink, white, yellow and even purple.

Chrysanthemum: Don’t overlook chrysanthemums if you’re planning a wedding with a fall theme. These flowers are usually yellow, white, orange or red. Since mums are everywhere in the fall, they tend to be more affordable than other wedding flowers.

Keep in mind that, while some flowers are only available certain months of the year, you *may* be able to pay a slight premium for some off-season flowers. If you’re not a fan of the flowers available during your wedding season, but still need to keep to a strict flower budget, consider some of the perennially popular wedding flowers available year-round, including carnations, baby’s breath, and orchids.

What are some of your favorite seasonal wedding flowers? Let us know in the comments below!