For many brides, the wedding favor isn’t high on the priority list. However, in most circles, a favor is appreciated and sometimes even expected at the end of a wedding.

If you haven’t given two thoughts about the favors for your wedding, you’re not alone. But don’t worry—it’s actually quite easy to find favors. The problem is, will your guests like them? The last thing you want is to waste a bunch of money on something your friends and family will just toss out the next day

Take the next few minutes to look over these wedding favors your guests will love. Then, get shopping! Time’s a tickin’.

Anything They Can Eat

Who doesn’t look a good snack? One of the best things you can give your guests is something they can eat towards the end of the night. These can include:

  • To-go candy bars
  • Snack bags
  • Pre-made bags of nuts
  • Self-serve goodie bags

Some couples have also gotten creative with their food choices. If you’re a fan of hot sauce or have a “spicy” relationship, then provide your guests with:

  • Custom/personalized hot sauce
  • Your favorite spice

You can also do a small play on the time of year/weather during your wedding.

  • Hot cocoa packets if it’s cold
  • Lemonade if it’s warm
  • Dry soup packets

Something Unique to Your Region

Wherever you go, there always seems to be a regional specialty. And especially if you have a lot of guests coming in for your wedding, it’s a good idea to give them a taste of the local flavor.

It doesn’t have to be something boring like a tourist magnet, either. Think outside the box!

  • Salt water taffy or flip flops for a beach wedding
  • Maple syrup sticks in Vermont/Maine/Canada
  • Barbecue sauce throughout the southern US
  • Local spirits, wine or beer
  • Local honey

Lip Balm

After a night of eating, drinking, dancing, and general frivolity, your guests are bound to be exhausted—and parched. Give them a gift they’ll use post-wedding and beyond, such as a lip balm. Get cute and creative with personalized lip balms or ones made locally.

Seeds or Another Plant

Who doesn’t love a pretty plant? Many brides choose to hand out seed packets or plants to their guests, and for good reason. Most often, it’s an affordable gift that keeps on giving. Try these “green” suggestions:

  • Seed packets
  • Herb growing kit
  • Succulent
  • Aloe vera plant (for beach weddings)

Keep in mind that plants aren’t always a good idea. If a good portion of your guests are flying into town, or your wedding is a destination one, stick with a favor that won’t hold your guests up in customs.

Koozies/Can Coolers

Whether you’re lounging at the beach, by the pool, or next to the fire pit, if you’re drinking a cold beverage, you want it to remain cold. Cue the can cooler, quite possibly one of the best inventions of our age. All joking aside, your guests will love to add a new koozie to their collection and be able to reminisce about your big day at the same time.

While a wedding favor is, by no means, the most important decision you make about your wedding day, it’s still one to consider. So before you lean toward a generic favor that your guests aren’t interested in, consider where your wedding is, your guests’ needs, and your budget. Then, start shopping to find the best wedding favor for your friends and family.