The Princeton Streets & Candid Clicks

Princeton’s grandeur provided a relaxed but elegant setting for their engagement session, taking them on a stroll down love’s memory lane. Rather than a formal shoot, it was more of a day out, where I captured their giggles and glances that tell their story without words. It’s a casual reel of real romance that they’re excited to share, the video from this day adding motion to the memory.

Kitchen Chronicles with Beata & Krystian

It’s a love story seasoned with laughter, simmering on the stove. As spontaneous as they are special, their kitchen rendezvous sprinkles a little more flavor into their lives with each new dish they prepare together. Throughout everyday moments, they have cooked up a sweet and zesty relationship.


Life’s Little Hiccups: The Sweet Side

The journey has been filled with sweet moments and a few silly setbacks like their leisurely pursuit of the sun on an e-scooter. The secret to a great relationship is to relax and laugh along the way, even when things aren’t going according to plan. They’re not just planning a wedding; they’re crafting a life filled with love, laughter, and the perfect dash of spontaneity.

Bride | Beata @bettybeatka
Groom | Krystian
Park | Princeton University @_princeton_university_
Hair | Blo Blow Dry Bar  @blomorristown
Bride Top | Zara @zara
Bride Pants | Club Monaco @clubmonaco
Bride Dress and Shoes | Sam Edelman @sam_edelman
Groom Sweater | Tommy Hilfiger @tommyhilfiger
Groom Trousers | Banana Republic @bananarepublic
Groom Suit | Calvin Klein @calvinklein
Groom Shoes | Florsheim @florsheimshoes